Wood Fired Hot Tubs FAQ

✅Why purchase a wooden hot tub? First, because they’re awesome. Second, because they look cool. And third, they are like a piece of history. In the […]

Preparing the site

✅Preparing the Site Planning is important! Site preparation must meet certain requirements, but beyond that, you can augment your setup with as many amenities as you […]

Why Heat With Wood?

✅Why Wood as a Fuel? Wood is essentially stored up solar energy. Trees use solar energy, CO2, water and soil minerals to produce wood. This stored […]

Winter Use

✔What about the cold winters? Our hot tubs are invented in and designed for the cold temperatures we know and are a custom to here in […]

Enyoj whatever of seasons! Special Offer

✅You can use your wooden hot tub all year round. It can also be used with hot or cold water. This means you can use it […]

Relax, rejuvenate & restore in a classic way.

The Perfect Addition To Any Recreation Property.🔝 ✅Relax in hot water listening to a crackling fire in one of Vivatubs Hot Wood-burning Larch Hot Tub, also […]

About Vivatubs® “Larch Hot Tubs”

Vivatubs® Manufactures the finest Hot Tubs made from Slovenian Larch. We export internationally direct to our customers in order to provide the best customer service and […]

Ofuro Tubs

Oriental bathing. A Japanese style ofuro tub is a 1 or 2-person wooden bath tub. Elegantly crafted from natural materials it provides total physical relaxation and […]

Our Benefits

Highest Quality Vivatubs is the Slovenian leading supplier of larch hot tubs. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality wooden hot tubs available, using only […]

Bathing under the sky

Elegant, natural,relaxing, refreshing, remedial, therapeutic. These beautiful Vivatubs wood-fired hot tubs offer you a simple, natural and environmentally friendly way to enjoy outdoor bathing. Our wood […]

Craftsman ship

All our hot tubs are manufactured by our skilled craftsmen with many years of experience and knowledge of precision wood construction. More info: http://en.lesenekadi.si/vivatubs-benefits/

Uniqueness manufacturing wood-fired hot tubs

Top quality wooden tubs Vivatubs provide expertise and Slovenian carpentry with more than 50-year tradition. In drawing up today is still in use an old cooperage […]