Za apartmaje v gorah in na morju, kmečke turizme…

Kako boste Vi privabili goste na obisk in da bodo potem govorili kako dobro so se pri vas imeli? Tako boste konkretno povečali zasedenost vaše turistične […]

Ključna prednost postopka naše izdelave!

 ?Vivatubs prinaša še eno pomembno prednost. ? ✅Večina kadi na tržišču pred uporabo zahteva dva- do trikratno polnjenje kadi, dokler se les ne napoji z vodo […]

Zdravilni učinki vroče vode in nasvet ljudskega zdravnika.

Medicina danes uporablja vroče kopeli za zdravljenje revmatičnih obolenj in mišičnih obolenj, kot so artritis, poškodbe hrbtenice in posledic kapi ali paralize. Uporaba vroče kadi nam […]

Uniqueness manufacturing wood-fired hot tubs

Top quality wooden tubs Vivatubs provide expertise and Slovenian carpentry with more than 50-year tradition. In drawing up today is still in use an old cooperage […]

Craftsman ship

All our hot tubs are manufactured by our skilled craftsmen with many years of experience and knowledge of precision wood construction. More info: http://en.lesenekadi.si/vivatubs-benefits/

Bathing under the sky

Elegant, natural,relaxing, refreshing, remedial, therapeutic. These beautiful Vivatubs wood-fired hot tubs offer you a simple, natural and environmentally friendly way to enjoy outdoor bathing. Our wood […]

Our Benefits

Highest Quality Vivatubs is the Slovenian leading supplier of larch hot tubs. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality wooden hot tubs available, using only […]

Ofuro Tubs

Oriental bathing. A Japanese style ofuro tub is a 1 or 2-person wooden bath tub. Elegantly crafted from natural materials it provides total physical relaxation and […]

About Vivatubs® “Larch Hot Tubs”

Vivatubs® Manufactures the finest Hot Tubs made from Slovenian Larch. We export internationally direct to our customers in order to provide the best customer service and […]

Relax, rejuvenate & restore in a classic way.

The Perfect Addition To Any Recreation Property.? ✅Relax in hot water listening to a crackling fire in one of Vivatubs Hot Wood-burning Larch Hot Tub, also […]

Enyoj whatever of seasons! Special Offer

✅You can use your wooden hot tub all year round. It can also be used with hot or cold water. This means you can use it […]

Winter Use

✔What about the cold winters? Our hot tubs are invented in and designed for the cold temperatures we know and are a custom to here in […]

Why Heat With Wood?

✅Why Wood as a Fuel? Wood is essentially stored up solar energy. Trees use solar energy, CO2, water and soil minerals to produce wood. This stored […]

Preparing the site

✅Preparing the Site Planning is important! Site preparation must meet certain requirements, but beyond that, you can augment your setup with as many amenities as you […]

Wood Fired Hot Tubs FAQ

✅Why purchase a wooden hot tub? First, because they’re awesome. Second, because they look cool. And third, they are like a piece of history. In the […]